BAUER Goal Light App Reviews

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Go habs

Canadiens own all. Montreal canadiens own!

Not bad at all

Not sure what the update did though. I wish there was one of these that was just a siren instead.

Bauer Goal Light

I thought it would be fun and work much better. The annoying On/Off switch is hard to get going and once it is on...all you have is the flashing light. If it has sound I could not hear it. It was fun the first time. If these companies are going to offer free apps to promote their brand, they gotta do a better job!

This is awesome!!!

I like it I really do...but mabye we could have the EOP ( end of period ) light too


Its pretty cool but it would be better is it had a few different horn sounds!


I give it a four because it works , so fun when you have buddies over for the playoffs and my team scores , out comes the red rotating light and the horn, siren would be cool though, enjoy hickey fans. CANUCKS ROCK.


Cool for hockey fans! Flames rock

Pretty good

Everything is good except the on and off switch is kind of annoying. Actually really annoying but other then that all in all good app, cant wait to use in next season. GO CANUCKS!! :D its our year next year

No sound!!!

Didnt make a sound, seems pointless just to have the light.

Period horn

Sweet except that the horn sounds like the one used at the end of a period. Make more goal horns to select from! Like the personalized team horns!


It has a chance to be good. I would suggest to get every NHL teams horn and there goal song. Then this would be a good app. Go Phoenix!!!! WOOO

Oilers 2010-2011 season

Oilers beat the Calgary flems in your face Calgary 4-0 Oilers and the app is good.


Its pretty good but if you could turn it into like a howl for say like the pheonix coyotes it would be ten times better lets go yotes


Sometimes stupid things are the best! 4 out of 5 стдRѕ


Awesome app if there were 1million stars I would give it 1million stars GO PENS GO BOO LEAFS


Never buy it it is hired


Fun little app to have when your fav team scores... Or when the Canucks win the Cup! Good thing the Canadians are out:) Jk;) but still...

Sounds Great

This is great. Ive only used it during the playoffs. My only complaint is that is not loud enough.

Needs way better update

It is not a good hoarn it needs more horns a needs better graphics

Nice app but...

This app would be awesome of you could sync it to NHL teams just like the Budweiser goal lights. Shouldnt be to difficult.

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